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BIOL 111
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112 Creating Variation through Meiosis and Uniting Gametes Learning outcomes1 Describe how diploid cells produce haploid cells through the process of meiosis 2 Explain how meiosis and sexual reproduction contributes to genetic variation1 What are gametesGametes are cells for reproductionExamples of gametes in animals include sperm and eggsGametes are also called sex cells because their role is sexual reproductionAll other types of cells in our body are somatic cells somaticbody belongingAll somatic cells have two copies of each chromosomeDiploid2 copies of each chromosome 2n one copy came from each of the organisms parentsHaploid1 copy of each chromosome nThe terms diploid or haploid are adjectives that depict how many copies of DNA chromosomes an individual has Our somatic cells are diploid whereas our reproductive cells gametes or sex cells are haploidFor haploid cells you write n23 we have 23 unique chromosomeswhatever the total number of chromosomes is QUESTION Which of these cells are diploid How do you tell if a cell is diploid or haploid Whether or not the chromosomes are sister chromotids or not does not matter when we are determining if the cell is haploid or diploidA BC D
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