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Catherine Ortner

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MODULE A The Blue Planetchapter 1 page 16 to 30 chapter 2 page 44 to 66 chapter 3 allLesson 1The Science of OceanographyWhy is oceanography important ocean scientists have been involved in the design and construction of marine transport vehicles knowledge of wind and weather patterns is important for the establishment of shipping routes an understanding of the oceans ecosystems allows the development of optimal and sustainable exploitation of marine food sources the ocean plays an important role in regulating the earths climate analyses of isotopes of oxygen that make up water molecules in ice on Greenland have shown us that in the past Earth has undergone very large and rapid changes in temperaturePrinciple Oceans1Pacific Oceanlargestdeepest2Atlantic Oceanseparates old world from new world3Indian Oceanmostly in Southern hemisphere4Arctic Oceansmallest most shallow permanent layer of ice on its surface5SouthernAntarctic Oceansouthern portion of the Pacific Atlantic and Indian oceansOcean vs Sea seas are smaller and more shallow seas are composed of saltwater seas are somewhat enclosed by land seas are directly connected to an oceanOceans vs Continents the deepest part of the world ocean is the Challenger Deep region of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific ocean this depth is deeper than the tallest mountain is tallContributors to the science of oceanographyaPacific Islanders
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