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biology 121 - january 6

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BIOL 121
Carol Pollock

Biology 121 – January 6 Discovery Science  Observation  Measurements – documentation, data Inquiry Science  Scientific method 1. Observations  Falling of leaves 2. Question  Why do leaves fall? 3. Hypothesis – Phrasing of the question, at least 1, not to prove, goal is to disprove one of the hypothesises  Possible reasons:  Temperature  Decrease in nutrient levels  Less sunlight  Statements  The decrease in temperature causes the falling of leaves.  The decrease in nutrient levels causes the falling of leaves.  The decrease in sunlight causes the falling of leaves. 4. Prediction  The leaves will fall sooner in an environment with a lower temperature. 5. Experiment  Set up 2 environments. One with a lower temperature and the other is in a control group where the temperature is mild. What causes algal blooms in lakes? Eutrophication  The conversion of a lake to a highly productive ecosystem with rapid decomposition, low oxygen levels, and rapid filling with decomposing organic matter  Something, x, causes the algae to overgrow  When algae die, the bacteria decomposition increase  CO2 increase  CO2 are toxic to fish  Lake is eutrophic – a dead lake, cannot support life David Schindler  Thought phosphate caused the algae to overgrow  Question: what is the role of phosphate in algae growth?  Hypothesis o Increase in phosphate causes algal bloom.
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