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BIOL 121 Lecture Notes - Archaea, Acer Rubrum, Cell Theory

Course Code
BIOL 121
Carol Pollock

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Biology 121 January 6
Discovery Science
Measurements documentation, data
Inquiry Science
Scientific method
1. Observations
Falling of leaves
2. Question
Why do leaves fall?
3. Hypothesis Phrasing of the question, at least 1, not to prove, goal is to disprove
one of the hypothesises
Possible reasons:
Decrease in nutrient levels
Less sunlight
The decrease in temperature causes the falling of leaves.
The decrease in nutrient levels causes the falling of leaves.
The decrease in sunlight causes the falling of leaves.
4. Prediction
The leaves will fall sooner in an environment with a lower temperature.
5. Experiment
Set up 2 environments. One with a lower temperature and the other is in a
control group where the temperature
is mild.
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