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Biol 121- 2010.01.22- Genetics- DNA, Cell Cycle (Ch. 14, Ch. 11).docx

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BIOL 121
Carol Pollock

Biol 121 225Freeman 295302 2227Jan 21 10DNACh 14strain Strain and virulencea is a population of genetically identical individualsstrains that affect humans vary in their virulencetheir ability to cause disease and deathvirulent strains cause disease avirulent benign strains do notMediuma liquid or solid that is suitable for growing cells a petri dish can contain nutrientcontaining mediumGriffith and transformationGriffith in the 1920s did experiments to Experimentdevelop vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteriumGriffith worked with strains identifiable by eye when grown on a nutrientcontaining medium in a petri dishon a solid medium cells from the Setupnonvirulent strain form colonies that look rough Rcells from the virulent strain Results and Conclusionform colonies that look smooth SGriffith injected mice with R strain S strain heatkilled S strain and R strain with heatkilled S strainfound that mice died when injected with S strain and with R strain with heatkilled S strain mice did not die with R strain nor heatkilled S strainGriffith proposed that something from the heatkilled S cells transformed the nonvirulent R cellsCulturea collection of cells that grows under controlled conditionsusually suspended in a liquid medium or on the surface of a solid growth mediumHerseyChase experimentwere genes study how a virus called T2 infects made of protein or DNAEscherichia coliBackground infoT2 infections begin when viruses attached to cell wall of E Coli and injects genesgenes then direct the production of a new generation of virus particles inside the infected cell which acts as a host for the
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