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Impairments of Oxygen Transport - Notes .docx

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Paul Hewitt

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Impairments of Oxygen Transport hypoxia refers to inadequate delivery of oxygen to body tissues the most common causes includeanemic hypoxia too few RBCs or RBCs that have abnormal hemoglobinischemic hypoxia impaired or blocked blood circulationhistotoxic hypoxia body cells cannot use oxygen even though there is adequate supply to the tissues caused by metabolic poisons such as cyanidehypoxemic hypoxia reduced arterial PO2 due to pulmonary disease or any condition that interferes with ventilation ie CO poisoning or breathing air with low oxygen content ie very high altitudesCarbon Dioxide Transport in Blood the human body produces about 200 ml of CO2 each minuteCO2 is transported in the blood in 3 waysdissolved in plasma 10 B remember CO2 is 20 times more soluble in plasma than is oxygen 2030 forms carbamino compounds with NH2 groups on proteins like hemoglobinthe loading and unloading of CO2 to and from Hb depends on PCO2Hb saturation with oxygenremember that CO2 is loaded in tissues where PCO2 id high and PO2 is low and unloaded in the lungs where the opposite is true therefore deoxygenated blood binds to CO2 more easily than oxygenated bloodthis phenomenon is referred to as the Haldane effect6070 is converted to HCO3 and transported in plasmaas CO2 moves from tissues to plasma it is converted to bicarbonate ion
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