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Lecture 4

BIOL 230 Lecture 4: BIOL 230-Week 2 Learning outcomes

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University of British Columbia
BIOL 230
Christopher Kopp

BIOL 230- Week 2 Learning Outcomes: Biomes and Biogeography 1. Terrestrial biomes are characterized by the growth forms of the dominant vegetation.  Biome: major classification of natural vegetation that occurs wherever a particular set of climatic and soil conditions prevail o Species assemblages vary from region to region within a biome  Tropical Biomes: o Tropical rainforest o Tropical deciduous forest  Tropical savanna o Tropical biomes are heavily influenced by Intertropical Convergence Zone.  Tropical rainforest o Within 10 degrees of equator:  Rainfall is slightly seasonal (due to ITCZ), but temperatures not  Most diverse biome  Tropical seasonal forests and savannas: o Found between 10-30-degree latitude  Rainfall is seasonal due to ITCZ (summer monsoon)  Deserts: o Found between 30-40-degree latitude, for N and S o At these latitudes, air descends from upper atmosphere, undergoing adiabatic warming and drying (down from sky) o Rain shadow effect enhances aridness of some deserts  Temperate Woodland and Scrubland: o Occur in Mediterranean climates and regions with cold/cool, wet winters o Mild, wet winter and hot, dry summers  Temperate Deciduous Forest: o Occur at temperate latitudes with cold winters and sufficient precipitation during growing season o Definite annual rhythm: trees leaf out in spring, shed in fall, dormant in winter  Temperate E
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