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BIOL 234
Jennifer Klenz

BIOLOGY 234 Fundamentals of Genetics Monday-Friday, 11:00am to 1:00 pm Rm 200 Wesbrook June 4 – June 29, 2012 Instructors: Dr. Pam Kalas ([email protected] BIOSCI 2506) Dr. Jennifer Klenz ( [email protected] BIOSCI 1003) Course Coordinator: Dr. Craig Berezowsky ([email protected] BIOSCI 2519) Bring all administrative problems regarding exams and tutorials to Dr. Berezowsky. Genetics Teaching Postdoc (from CWSEI): Dr. Lisa McDonnell ( [email protected] BIOSCI 2071) Teaching Assistants: Rachel BernelotMoens, Stella Chun, Yuanyuan Liu, Julie Yee-Law The Major Theme: This course examines fundamental genetic principles: mutation, phenotype, segregation, gene interaction and complementation as well as many applications of these fundamentals. Text: ● Griffiths, A.J.F., Wessler, S.R., Carroll, S.B. and Doebley, J. 2011. Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 10th Edition. W.H. Freeman and Company, New York. ● Available at the UBC Bookstore in either looseleaf, hardcover, and/or as an ebook. (You can not sell softbound looseleaf copies back to the bookstore, but are free to sell them privately to other students as we will use the book again). ● Copies of texts are available for short term loan in the Genetics Help Office (Room 2521). We will be piloting several chapters of another ebook for free. Your instructors will tell you how to access the free e-book chapters as necessary. Vista: Course materials will be provided on-line using UBC’s VISTA interface. You can use the VISTA discussion board to get assistance from your fellow classmates outside of class and tutorial Tutorials: 1:00pm-3pm Mon-Thursday Attendance in tutorials is mandatory and vital to your success in this course. Evaluation*: (sheet of notes allowed for examinations) Intro Quiz Fri June 8 25 min (5%) th Midterm 1 Fri June 15 60 min (15%) Midterm 2 Fri June 22 70 min (15%) Final Sat June 30th 3 hrs (50%) Tutorials, in-class activities, etc. (15%) * Tentative, and possibly subject to change Missed quizzes and exams: Makeup tests will not be available for quizzes or the midterm; instead the missed marks will be transferred to the final exam. However students who do not fulfill the course requirements during the term (including not writing the midterm) and then miss the final exam will be deemed ineligible for a deferred final th DATE: TOPICS TEXT Assignment Package for more details** WEEK 1 PHENOTYPE (and genotype) – Reverse Genetics Monday June 4th Introduction/ Representation in Genetics Complete the Day 1 reading and the online quiz on VISTA by Fun Quiz Sunday June 3, 11:59pm Administrative details Introduction to Genetic Analysis, Chapter 1 pg 1-14 Concept Inventory Quiz (counts for marks) Logon to Mastering Genetics e-text and read Sections 1.2 and 1.3 Anatomy of chromosomes and genes of Chapter 1 Ways of representing chromosomes, interpreting drawings of chromosomes Relationships between genes, chromosomes and DNA Genome organization in eukaryotes (vs. prokaryotes) Tuesday June 5 th Phenotype Complete the pre-reading assignment and the online quiz on VISTA by Monday June 4 , 11:59pm What is phenotype? → many examples, not limited to macroscopic traits Phenotype =Genotype + environment → examples of environmental influences Review mutations on pg 12-14, 40 Experimentally determining whether a phenotype is due to environment or Review Figure 9.2 (pg 300) in the e-text from Mastering Genetics genetics Chapter 19 pg 683-685 interaction between genetics and environment Anatomy of a gene More on the role of genes and environment: http:// Review different types of mutations expression-environmental-influence-581 Wednesday June 6 th Reverse Genetic Analysis Complete the pre-reading assignment and the online quiz on th Predicting functional effects of various mutations in various parts of a gene atVISTA by Tuesday June 5 , 11:59pm the RNA and protein levels (eg. Loss of function) Chapter 2, Page 44-46 “Alleles at the molecular level” Effects on phenotype of combinations of alleles from a known gene in diploid Chapter 6, page 211-2
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