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BIOL 260
Trish Schulte

Syllabus Biology 260: Fundamentals of Physiology Teaching team Note: You may contact the teaching team via email or telephone only for personal or confidential issues. Content or organizational questions should be posted to the course bulletin board on Vista Professors: Dr. Trish Schulte: Office: BioSci 4327 Email: [email protected] Dr. Jae-Hyeok Lee: Office BioSci 2327 Email: [email protected] Science Teaching and Learning Fellow: Dr. Mandy Banet Office: BioSci 2073 Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistants: Michelle Ou Office: BioSci Anne Dalziel Office: BioSci Office hours Dr. Schulte: TBA Room 4327 (BioSci) Dr. Lee TBA Room 2327 (BioSci) Code of conduct 1. Cell phones and similar devices must be turned off and put away. If you do not follow these instructions we reserve the right to confiscate the device until the end of class and the student may forfeit their in-class marks for the day. 2. You are expected to be actively engaged in learning while in the classroom. Laptop computers and iPads can only be used for lecture-related activities. Playing computer games, checking your email, texting etc. are not acceptable (See above for penalties). 3. Please respect the learning environment of your fellow students. Do not talk while the professor is talking. Get actively involved in the class discussions when appropriate 4. Academic integrity is important. Cheating and plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated. See the following resources for details: conduct Required Resources: 1. Textbook: Each week there are assigned pre-readings from the textbook followed by online questions. You must purchase or have access to a copy of the book to complete these assignments. You have several choices: 1 a. Purchase the custom textbook specifically for this course (Fundamentals of Physiology - a custom book made up of chapters extracted from Freeman, S., Harrington, M., and Sharp, J. (2011) Biological science, Canadian Edition. Pearson Education Inc., San Francisco, CA) b. If you still have the complete set of custom books from Biology 112 and 121, most of the chapters you need will be in volume 3 c. Purchase a new or used copy of Freeman, S., Harrington, M., and Sharp, J. Biological science, Canadian Edition. Either the 2011 or 2008 edition is fine (older copies are also mostly fine) d. Purchase a new or used copy of Freeman, S. Biological science, (US edition) e. Use the copy that is on reserve at Woodward. For the pre-readings, we will give page numbers ONLY from the custom edition (which are the same as in the complete edition). We will not give page numbers from other editions. We will also provide the topic headings, so you will be able to figure out what pages to read if you choose to buy (or already have) a different edition. 2. iClicker: You must have an iClicker for this course. You may share an iClicker with a friend ONLY if they are not taking this course. Evaluation Pre-reading assignments 5% Clickers 5% In-Class activities 10% Midterm 1 (Tuesday, February 7) 20% Midterm 2 (Thursday, March 8) 20% Final Exam (Date TBA, determined by UBC) 40% Total 100% Teaching and Learning Resources Pre-reading and online assignments (5% of course grade) ● Each week we will assign a specific set of readings from the textbook, which you will use to answer a set of questions on the course Vista site. The questions are not designed to be difficult, but instead are intended to point out the most important parts of the reading. ● You need to do the reading to get the most out of the upcoming lectures. (Some of the in- class activities will be very difficult if you have not done your reading). Clicker questions (5% of course grade) ● We use clicker questions to probe your level of knowledge of background material, to poll the class for their opinions, to detect conceptual misunderstandings, and to illuminate particularly challenging topics in the course. Because the clicker questions may have more than one correct answer, or may ask you to go outside your "comfort zone", we do not assign points for correct answers. Instead, your clicker grade is determined based on 2 participation. It is important to take the clicker questions seriously and to try your best to answer the questions, because that will help the teaching team determine the areas where we need to provide you with extra help. ● To get 100% on this part of the course, you must answer at least 75% of the questions (so you can miss up to about 2 weeks of class due to illness without losing any participation points). In class activities (10% of course grade) ● We will be doing a variety of activities including worksheets, problem sets and practice exam questions in class. A subset of these activities will be handed in and graded. ● Because of the size of the class we will not grade every person for each activity. Instead, we will grade a subset of the class for each activity, and we guarantee to grade at least 3 activities for every person. This will form the basis of your "in-class activity" grade. Midterms and final examination (80% of course grade) ●
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