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Lecture 10

CENS 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Targeted Advertising

Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
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CENS 202

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Cens 202
Febraury 9th,2017
Lecture: Job (cont.)
Deborah: (Hebrew the Bee): Dominates the household (takes care of the income), strong will,
akes all deisios aout hildre, does’t thik high of her husads, laets
Mendel: The righteous: Low raked position (as elementary teacher at home, stupid, poor,
punished, devout, strong, rebellious believes, authoritative father, loves his wife, but sees her
also as a life long illness
Meaning of the Name
Animal Name
Chapters 1-V11
Jonas (dove)
Bear (22,30), symbolic for
Becomes soldier, flies away,
becomes a Russian solider
(other side),
Shemariah (God has guarded)
Fox (22,30)
Emigrates, Becomes Sam
(61), protected throughout
first part of story, seems like
everything is working out for
Miriam (rebellious)
Gazelle (10,30)
Flees home (31), loves
soldiers (79), wants to live
differently than her families
Menuchim (Consoler)
Epileptic (15)
(Groans like an animal)
Misfortune (23)
Imaginary place described in Jewish literature
Used to describe general living conditions in Eastern Europe for Jews
Misfortune, poverty and poor conditions
Generally separated from outside community
Jewish majority population within Shtetl
Assigned roles in society
Everyone knows everyone
Imaged construct
Shorthand way of referring to the life of Jews in Eastern Europe
US Immigration in Job:
Mendel always connected to Jewish community --> stays with his neighbors
Mendel given duties by neighbors
Miriam works at Sam's store --> connected with outside world more
Mendel conservative with adapting compared to Miriam/Sam merging with society
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