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Lecture 20

CENS 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Border Control

Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
Course Code
CENS 202

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CENS 202, 003
Lecture 20
The ability for EU countries to have free travel causes problems
o Austria dealt with this by building a train heading to Germans, so not to have an
overflow of immigrants
o Stronger Border control in these Schengen countries
The border is both political and symbolic: representing a separation of norms, cultures,
Extending the EU Borders East?
Many problematic borders have not been solved by the 2004-2007 EU enlargements
o State of Ukraie as or i Stali’s orders
There is a serious problem with the Schengen induced visa policy
o Minorities exist in each country
o Secessionist movements, i.e., Transnistria (1991); Bessarabia
When Germans entered Poland, they said they would eer iterfere ith Russia’s
claims of Ukraine/Romanian area; Moldova
o Trasistria does’t exist, although it is the last Soiet Repuli leftoer fro the
cold war
o Transnistria has its own parliament and borders
Where Europe Ends Video:
Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, German, Romanian languages
The impact or role of the EU border
End of Session.
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