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Lecture 19

CENS 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Alphonse Mucha, Execution Unit

Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
Course Code
CENS 202

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CENS 202, 003
Lecture 19
Richard Swartz: Where Does Europe End?
Travelled to Przemysl
o Is o loger located i the ceter of Europe
o The city lies where Europe ends or where Europe begins, depending on
I end up in Przemysl because of the pope and the old postcard
o Przesl is still i our hads
Przemsyl was historically fought over by Germany, Poland, Austria
o Johannes Paul was the last predecessor of our current pope
Train station in Przemysl:
o Arrives with Ukrainians
o Not many trains arrive, but there are people waiting day and night for them
Richard Swartz :Europeans- too different to get along
Defiig Europe: A cotiet that is the orlds ost cople regio
Economic cooperation is no longer sufficient for the entity we need to build today
Swedes are likely to share more common ground with Canadians and New Zealanders
than they do with Greeks and Ukrainians
Europe is likely an extremely fragile honeycomb, composed of cultural, historical and
mental idiosyncrasies in which no two Europeans are really alike
The EU Today:
Uniting East and West
o 6 founding members
o Countries joined in 2 waves
o Croatia 28th Country to join
Who Can join the EU?
o AEuropea coutr a appl if it respects the EUs deocratic alues
o Political: Functioning marketing economy that can cope with competitive
o Legal: Must accept established EU law and practice
“chege: eas oe ca trael freel
o Example: betee Austria ad Geraou dot eed to sho our passport
o No police or customs checks at borders
o More cooperation from police
o Buy and bring back any goods for personal use
The Centre (Die Mitte):
Monuments for the center of Europe in Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, ect,.
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