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Lecture 15

CENS 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Margarete Mitscherlich-Nielsen, Total War, Book Of Deuteronomy

Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
Course Code
CENS 202

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CENS 202, 003
Lecture 25: Bernhard Schlink 3
Schlink: The Reader (1995): The Trial
As if frozen (100); No sense of context, of the rule of the game (110); helpless (128).
Idigat: Doest gie up to the ourt that she is illiterate
Wears SS looking uniform and appears exactly as she was
Describes feeling nothing about Hanna turns to numbness
Goes to the judge, goes to his father- nothing comes from it, in fact, he decides he no
longer needs to help
I stood outside myself and watched; I felt no involvement; Like being a prisoner (101)
The Students:
Bring an outside view: show up to every court date, stares at Hanna
The intrusion of horror into the daily life (102)
The Judge:
Questions are challenging and he loses his authority in these
First shoked, the oral; Numbness (102)
The Lawyers
Hannas lawyer: public defendant, not as experienced as some of the other lawyers
o Overeagerly (109); other lawyers use her concessions to incriminate (104)
The other lawyers: try to single out Hanna for an easy was out
The Defendants
Turn on Hanna, want her to take most of the blame easier sentences
The Witnesses
Not precise ( due to location of crime: either inside church or afraid of charges; 113)
The Public
Itiidated y Haas appearae: Look!; emotional reactions during verdict (161)
Auschwitz Trial -Reality
The Reader- Fiction
359 Witnesses
State Attorney traveled to Warsaw
and to Auschwitz
22 male defendant
Dealt only with Auschwitz
2 Witnesses
Travelled to Israel, Michael to
concentration camp
5 female defendants
Auschwitz and Cracow
Class Ideas- Aushwitz
Class Ideas- The Reader
No Order is absolute need to factor
in morality
Crimes almost seem less terrible
relatable, like this could be a friend
or family member on trial
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