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CHEM 121
Michael Wolf

Sketching Atomic Orbitals: a Primer for Chemistry 1000 s orbitals are all spherical; in sketching them we ignore any inner nodes that distinguish zs from 2s, etc. s Similarly, for all the more complex orbitals, we draw only the simplest version, so that for p we sketch 2p, and for d we sketch 3d. Beyond this it gets too complicated, and we will not y ask you to learn the f orbital shapes. One reason for this is that the f orbitals are very little used in any chemical bonds. x p orbitals all have the same “barbell” shape, but differ in orientation. z z z There are two approaches to drawing p orbitals. p p p (1) Drawing on an xyz grid in a perspective mode z y x emphasizes their differing orientations simultaneously: + - y - + y y + - x x x z y x (2) Draw them in two dimensions, by alternating the axis labels (be sure to maint
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