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Lecture 15

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University of British Columbia
CHEM 205

Lecture 15: Electrochem • Goal: produce electrical work OR use energy to drive a chemical reaction forward • Max non-expansion work=ΔG at constant T, P, for reversible process (since reversible processes give max G) • ***ΔG° for an element=0. UGH. • Electrical work=work to move n moles of electrons thru electrical potential difference(E in volts)=total charge x potential difference • W=-n*e*Avogadro*E o ΔG p,T-nFE where F=Avogadro *e o E=emf which is a potential difference o G depends on the MOLES of each while E does not change with changes in moles • Electrochemical cell=oxidation, reduction occurs spatially separated o 2 electrodes: anode, cathode in electrolyte, connect with salt bridge if needed. o Galvanic cell=produce electricity using spontaneous chem. Reaction aka ΔG<0 o Electrolytic cell=reaction driver by external source of current • ANODE=where anions go=where oxidation takes place=elections lost • CATHODE=where cations go=where reduction occurs=electrons gained • Half reactions used to write redox reactions o Always written as reductions o Number of electrons exchanged must be balanced o Convention: write reaction as being spontaneous when proceeding from Left to Right • When batter
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