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Lecture 10

CHEM 205 Lecture 10 Notes

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CHEM 205
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Chem 205 lecture 10 Phase Diagrams • Slopes of phase diagrams(P vs T) are usually positive • The slope is: dP/dT and can also be seen as ∆S/∆V for a phase change slope o Hypothetical situation: liquidgas. ∆S>0, ∆V>0, thus the slope is positive. This applies for most other phase changes. If we take the opposite situation, in which a gas becomes a liquid, ∆S<0, ∆V<0—the negative signs on top and bottom cancel out, to yield the positive slope! o At any point on a curve of the phase diagram, 2 states are in equilibrium (aka, 2 states present). • The vapor pressure at equilibrium ONLY depends on Temperature (only 1 df) o At triple point, no DF, P, V, T are all predetermined. • The critical poi
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