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CHEM 233
Steven Barnes

Acid/Base & pH Lab Questions 1. Why you used the materials you did? I chose the materials listed because they contribute to a simple procedure that can be followed by anyone. Instead of choosing complicated equipment for my student volunteer to use, I picked materials that would be used in an elementary science lab. I picked litmus paper to be my indicator because it distinguishes itself clearly in colour. Unlike phenolphthalein or indigo carmine which changes colour in both acids and bases. If I had picked them, identification would be extremely difficult. The universal indicator solution along with the pH colour chart was used, again, because of its simplicity. Instead complicated techniques, the comparison between the combined solution’s colour and the pH colour chart gave my student volunteer a greater chance of concluding with the correct pH. If more complicated techniques were used (determining through the concentration of hydrogen or hydroxide ions), there would be a greater margin for error. Beakers were used as a container for the universal indicator and the chemical. The labels and pens were used to write down the findings on the bottle. And the lab coat, goggles and gloves were used as safety equipment. 2. Why you wouldn’t do certain things? The versatility of acids and bases are results of their many opposing characteristics.
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