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University of British Columbia
CHIN 481
Michael Souza

CHINESE 481-003 (2012-13) Modern Chinese Literature I (For Heritage Students): Selected Readings in Modern Chinese Novel from Lu Xun to Zhang Dachun 现现代代中中国国文文学学一一 ((1199118- - 11997755: : 自自鲁鲁迅迅至至 张张大大春春 小小说说选选读读 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Time: T/R 15:30-17:00 Classroom: T- Buchanan B 215 / R-Buchanan D 218__ A) Approach and Objective: This is an intensive reading course for students who have acquired advanced reading knowledge of modern Chinese before entering university. Selected reading materials cover a wide range of modern and contemporary Chinese fiction. Through intensive reading of major writers’literary works from 1918 to 1975, from Lu Xun to Zhang Dachun, students are expected to gain a better understanding of the development and essential themes of Chinese fiction before 1975. Through a series of strict and rigorous discussions, students will cultivate analytical ability, critical perspective, rational argument and objective criticism. This course will take a social-anthropological approach to the novel, which examines humanity under historical, social, political and philosophical conditions. Individual predicaments, struggles, resolutions, consequences, and reconciliations in each and every story will be investigated to illustrate the Chinese people’s adaptation to the drastic social, political and ideological transition and transformation of the twentieth century, thus establishing a national identity of their own. B) Requirement: Before coming to each class, students are expected to comprehensively read the short stories or novels assigned for the day, to be ready to participate in class discussion, and to share their insights with the class. Students will be put in groups to give presentations on assigned topics and to preside over subsequent class discussions. C) Registration: Students who wish to take Chinese literature courses are required to complete an “On-Line Placement Questionnaire” to obtain a placement approval for registration. Students without the approval will be removed from the class. To get your placement approval, please go to D) Eligibility: Any student who completed Grade 12 in an educational institution in China, and any student who has taken any course in any Chinese college or university (regardless of major and regardless of whether they had taken any Chinese literature courses at the post-secondary level), is deemed ineligible for any of the heritage literature courses in the Department of Asian Studies. All students in the class are responsible to observe this regulation. E) Examination: Short quizzes may be conducted weekly or from time to time. Exemption from quizzes will not be given without proper medical proof. Mid-term and final examinations are both in-class, 3-hour long tests, in which students are required to write an essay on one of 5 given topics, each relating to 3-4 stories. F) Evaluation: Mid-term Exam: 40% ; Final Exam: 40% ; Presentation: 20% G) Textbooks: 互互联联网网上上互互联联网网上上中中国国现现代代小小说说名名家家文文选选 1.亦凡公益图书馆 →[名家文选 ]: 2.天涯在線書庫 →[現代文学 ]: 3.努努書庫 →[华人作家作品集 ]: 4.新语丝电子文库 →[名家文选 ]: 5.無名小站 →看海的日子 : 6.無名小站 →將軍碑 (上): 7.無名小站 →將軍碑 (下): 1 H) Instructor: Dr. Robert S. Chen Office: AuditoriumAnnex B 218 Hour: T/R 12:30-14:00 (or by appointment Tel: 604-822-1859) E-mail: [email protected] I) Contents: 11.. 鲁 鲁 鲁 迅文选 迅迅迅文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 狂狂人狂狂人人日日记记 ( ( 小小说说集集吶吶喊喊 ,19,,1199181)8) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 2. 2.22.. 鲁 鲁 鲁 迅文 迅文迅迅文文 选 选‧ ‧药 药‧‧ 药药 ( ( 小小说说集集吶吶喊喊 ,19,,11919199)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 3. 3.33.. 鲁 鲁 鲁 迅文选 迅迅迅文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 祝祝福祝祝福福 ( ( 小小说说集集彷彷徨徨 ,19,,19192424)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 4. 4.44.. 郁达夫郁郁达达夫夫文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 沉沉沦沉沉沦沦 (1(1(199221)1) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 5. 5.55.. 郁达夫郁郁达达夫夫文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 春春风春春风风沉沉醉醉的的晚晚上上 (19((11929233)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 6. 6.66.. 沈从文沈沈从从文文文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 柏柏子柏柏子子 ( ( 雨雨后后及及其其它它 ,19,,19192828)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 7. 7.77.. 沈从文沈沈从从文文文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 丈丈夫丈丈夫夫 (1(1(199330)0) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 8. 8.88.. 柔 柔 柔 石文选 石石石文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 为为奴为为奴奴隶隶的的母母亲亲 (1(1(9193030)) ( ( 新新语语丝丝 文库文文库库 小说 小说小小说说 ) )) 9. 9.99.. 茅 茅 茅 盾文选 盾盾盾文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 春春蚕春春蚕蚕 ( ( 中中篇篇小小说说 ,19,,11939322)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 1100.. 肖 肖 肖 干文选 干干干文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 花花子花花子子与与老老黄黄 (19(1(1939434)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库 名家文名名家家文文选选 ) )) 1111.. 老 老 老 舍文选 舍舍舍文文选选 ‧ ‧ ‧‧ 黑黑白黑黑白白李李 ( ( 赶赶集集 ,1,1,9193434)) ( ( 亦亦凡凡书书库库
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