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Lecture 13

Lecture 13

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Classical Studies
CLST 105
Florence Yoon

Lecture 13 Dionysus The Nature of Dionysus Bacchus Bromius Noisy riotous Liber Eleutherios Free Associated with Wineintoxication Ecstasy Debauchery Fertility Similarities with Demeter Wild naturevegetationOtherness Birth story Zeus has affair with Persephone Hera orders Titans to rip up Dionysus Zeus eats Dionysuss heart Semele gets pregnant with Dionysus Hera tricks Semele into getting Zeus to reveal his true form Thunderbolt kills her leaving only Dionysus Zeus sews Dionysus into his thigh to incubate Rebirth chthonic nature Katabasis descent into Hades Dionysus goes there to save Semele Thyone new goddess name Raised in a foreign land Hermes takes him to Mount Nysa Wilderness Raised by nymphs Hyades and wild animals Driven mad by Hera Wanders around Greece
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