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Classical Studies
CLST 105
Siobhan Mc Elduff

JASON AND MEDEA (779-817, op. 766-778) Helios; sun god, father of Aeetes Aeetes; king of Colchis, owner of the Golden Fleece Apsyrtus; Medea’s brother Pelias; King of Iolcus Aeson; Father of Jason Autolycus; Jason’s grandfather ? Creon; king of Corinth, father-in-law to Jason Jason  Father: Aeson (Divine Ancestor)  Aeson son of the wind god (Autolycus)  Mothers o one of them is the cousin of Odysseus  Jason’s father thrown off by Pelias so father decides to send Jason out to be raised outside; by Chiron  Pelias decides to visit the Delphi Oracle and tells him that he should watch out for a guy who shows up with only ONE sandal because he will be the cause of his death  Jason heads out for Iolcus and sees an old woman struggling to cross the river, he helps her by picking her up and she is extremely heavy (indicating that she is a god); woman is Hera; he loses one sandal; Athena gets involved  Continues to head to Iolcus to see the King  Pelias tells Jason to go get the Golden Fleece o Golden Fleece  Sent down by Zeus (a ram)  Once landed, ram is sacrificed to Zeus and Phrixus hangs the Golden Fleece (land in Colchis) o Aeetes (barbarian)  Daughter is Medea  Jason goes on the voyage; uses ship Argo (first ship ever built)  Athena helps by telling how to build this ship Adventure One – The Lemnian Women and Hypsipyle  Lemnios – smelly island  Lemnian women – afflicted with body odour; bad breath because they killed old men on the island  Hypsipyle – only one who is not afflicted so Jason sleeps with her, promises her that he will come back but he never returns; bears a son  Jason eventually makes his way to Colchis and arrives there  Tell Aeetes that he needs that Golden Fleece  Aeetes o Says he will give the Golden Fleece if he can connect together two fire breathing bulls; plant dragons teeth behind them as they plow and kill the warriors that jump up from this
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