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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 105
Florence Yoon

CLST Agamemnon 1182012 105600 AM Medea Iliad OdysseyAgamemnonAgamemnonHouse Before and After OdysseyBook threeRight at the beginning when the council of the gods is happeningLyke wtf is happening Different because in Odyssey he gets killed in another house BAD HOSTin this he gets killed in his own homeClymenastra killed Cassandra Aeschylus AgamemnonAbout the death of AgamemnonNot on stage for very longMain focus of play is ClymenestraNTK ClytemnestraKills agamenon for killing Iphigenia NTK Agamemnon Artemis orders it so he does itIphigenia Artemis Calchus prophet at beginning of Iliad told to give up concubine Sacrifice of IphigeniaRepresented as a pitiful sacrificeo Clytemnestra picks up that I stabbed him 3 times even again after he was dead shes like u want to banish me but you didnt do anything about Iphigeniao He killed her to launch his army this is punishmentWhy else did she kill him o Clytemnestra is also sleeping with his cousin Aegisthuso Shes power hungry wants to remain as a ruler seen throughout the play not directly spoken by her however Atreus and Thyestes
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