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Classical Studies
CLST 204
Warren Williams

Thumbnail History of Classical Archaeology 1/7/2013 9:00:00 AM Archaeology  Logos: the study of  Archaic: old things  Plato is the first to mention the study of old things Classical Archaeology:  Is the sub-branch of the study of Greeks and Romans  The study from the point of view from the material culture discovered  An interdisciplinary study  Later 15th century was the first awareness and appreciation for the ancient worlds  Raphael (1483-1520) th  Apollo Belvedere (Leochares, 4 century BC)  “The Laocoon”, found 1506 in the Emperor Nero’s palace  “Lion attacking a horse”, probably late 4 thcentury BC, Capitoline Hill, Rome  certain monuments do not need to be dug up because they have remained above ground because they have been revered by all peoples around it  Thomas Howard th th st o 14 Earl of Arundel, 4 Earl of Surrey and 1 Earl of Norfalk o he amassed a collection of 37 statues, 128 busts and 250 inscriptions and sarcophagi o most came via Constantinople and some from Rome o on his death in Padua, the statues were dispersed, with most of the marbles going to Oxford university in 1667  Jacques Carrey o In 1674 he drew the pediments of the Parthenon in Athens o One of the first travelers going into Greece who recognized and recorded the importance of such antiquities  Johann Winckelmann o 1717-1768 o written a book called “the history of art in an
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