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Lecture 3

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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 3 Foundation Legends and Archaeological Evidencey Aeneas Anchises and Ascanius Iulusy Aeneas son of Anchises and Venusy Rescued his father carrying him from Troyy Iulus Aeneas sony Julius Caesar claimed descent from this liney Founds Laviniumy Named after his wifey Iulus founds Alba Longay Romulus and Remus descended from Iulusy Lavinium 4th century BCEy Tomb of Aeneasy Heroony Heros shriney Worshipped as founding fathery Romulus and Remusy Numitor king of Alba Longay Amulius y Brother of Numitor kills himy Sends Rhea Silvia to Vestal Virginsy Mars and Rhea Silvia Romulus and Remusy Exposed but found by a shewolfy Adopted by shepherdy Lupa slang for prostitutey Implies that Larentia was a prostitutey Wall storyy Remus leaps over Romulus walls to mock him y Romulus kills Remus in fit of angery Romulus becomes kingy Made Rome sanctuary for all peopley Free and slaves alikey Rape of the Sabine womeny Rape in the sense of rapere to seize y Held a festival to entice women and held them there y Possibly against their will or willinglyy Death of Romulusy Might have become a gody Perhaps murdered during a senate meeting y Each senator takes away a piece of his body
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