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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 11 Roman Republican Art and Architecture Coins Details available on handout ingots earliest type of coin dried branch design rammo seco 6th 4th centuries BCEmoney ingot aes signatum early 3rd century BCE very heavy not very portable Etruscan as grave pl asses heavy bronze coins Roman 245240 BCE had Janus on one side and prow on the other denomination based on size and image just like modern coins silver coins 275 BCE denarius made of silver even smaller denominations211 BCE later denarii have name of moneyer inscribed gold coins introduced 217 BCE issued in times of crisis not very common in later Republic gold coins became more common Juno Moneta goddess of money first coins from her temple Temple of Juno Moneta Capitoline Hill 344 BCE The Roman Forum Regia Residence of kings Etruscan palace Sacred space where Pontifex Maximus meets with other priests Temple of Castor 1st temple built in honour of victory
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