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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 14Sulla and the Roman Army Command of the Roman army taken from Sulla and given to Marius More violence breaks out Son of the consul murdered by followers of Sulpicius Rufus Military tribunes sent to take command on Mariuss behalf at Nola Sulla convinces legionnaires at Nola that he should be in charge Tribunes stoned to death88 BCE Sulla marches to Rome demanding the Senate give him back command Significance First time that Roman general led an army against the city First time army used as a bargaining chip Army supposed to remain outside the pomerium Civil warFighting breaks out in Rome between supporters of Marius and Sulla Sulla called a meeting of the senate Calls for death of Marius and Sulpicius Rufus First set of Sullas reforms Repeal laws passed by Sulpicius Rufus Added 300 men to the Senate Legislation could not be introduced to the people without Senate approval All legislation had to be passed through the comitia curiata Lucius Cornelius Cinna Elected consul 87 BCE Sullas enemy Had to swear oath to not change Sullas reforms while hes in the East Cinna takes control immediately after Sulla leaves Sullas supporters protest and Cinna is driven from the city Cinna heads to Nola and takes control of the army
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