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Lecture 16

Lecture 16

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Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 16Pompeys Triumph in 61 BCE 3rd triumph Victories over foes in 3 continents Took two days Most lavish triumph ever Included wagons filled with gold Procession of over 300 captives Paintings that showed the victory Ridden inside a chariot encrusted with jewels Wearing cloak of Alexander the Great Set new fashion in Rome for luxuryJulius Caesar Elected Pontifex Maximus 63 BCE Praetor in 62 BCE Propraetor 60 BCE Returned to Rome Wants to hold triumph for Spanish victories and to run for consul in 59 BCE Not allowed to be in the city to hold triumph Army needs to be brought into the city Run for consul must be in city Had to ask for permission to run in absentia Senate afraid of his power denied permission Caesar decided to run for consul instead of holding triumph The First Triumvirate 6054 BCE Discontent with senate Caesar with the consultriumph issue Pompey waiting for senate to ratify his arrangements in the East and give land to vets
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