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Lecture 10

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Classical Studies
CLST 301
Shelley Reid

Lecture 10 Notes 12W CLST 301  Review of Noun Phrases and Adjective Phrases  Must be able to properly define given noun or adjective  Noun phrases o Generally begin with a noun  Incision in the navel  Malposition of the navel  "The" _________ diagnostic test o Not necessarily  Red pus in the navel o -ia, -y  Are nouns  Adjective phrases o Never beings with a noun  Located (in)  Pertaining to  A preposition (ex. Below)  Some other phrase (ex. Having) o Cannot start with "the" o Examples  Transdermatic  Through the skin [preposition]  Gynopathic  Pertaining to diseases of women [adjectival phrase]  Chymous  Containing chyme [adjective]  Verb phrases o To ________  Definitions using -logy, -logical, -logist  Study of, pertaining to the study of, a specialist in the study of  Most of the time means study, but in certain context study disappears  Must look at context o Pathology  The study of disease  A condition produced by disease o Pathological  Pertaining to the study of disease  Diseased  Due to a disease  Module 5 cont, anatomical roots  Meninges o Mening-, meninge-, meningit- o Meninx [Grk]  A membrane  Dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater o Mater [ltn] The mother, i.e. protective  o Dura  Tough, translation of arabic phrase into latin Lecture 10 Notes 12W CLST 301 o Arach-  Spider web o Pia  Tender, soft  Medulla o Medius [ltn] o The core of a biological structure o Ex. Bone, kidney, adrenal gland o Beyond organs: hair medulla, leaf medulla o Brain  Medulla oblongata  Rhiz-, radic-, radicul- o Botany: all means root o Anatomy: nerve root  Pons o Roman bridges o Brain stem - pons Varolii o [ltn] bridge  Gli- o Mod 5: glia, glial cells  Glue holding it all together o Mod 6: glue  Roots/Terminations for cognition  Plato: the seat of cognition is in the brain o Only a philosopher, bases ideas on theory o Divided body into activities in different areas o Head is the best, everything below waist sucks o Relation between soul and body, relation to divine, brains are physically closest to heavens o Thinking must be done in the brain since we stand upright, gods gave us thinking  Aristotle: no, the seat of cognition is in the heart o Reasoning: thinking is emotional o Strong emotions are felt near the heart o Heartache actually exists
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