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Lecture 13

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Classical Studies
CLST 301
Shelley Reid

Lecture 13 Notes 12W CLST 301  Last point of grammar  "the act of…" can be used when defining a term  Example o -graphy  The act of recording o Cardiography  Act of recording (the functioning) of the heart\  Omitted when writing in sentences o The problem is diagnosed by recording the functioning of the heart  Module 11 - bodily fluids  Anatomical roots - urinary system o Ur-, urin-  Urine, urinary tract, urination  Context is important - noun, noun, or act o uroscopy  Visual examination of urine  Historically important tool  Necessary to get information of interior body by bts coming out of body  Medieval: uroscopy flasks, medicine based on galen  Color, cloudness, etc.  Check for diabetes (modern, sophisticated)  How much sugar was in the urine - test by dip and taste  Female physician in red: fair number of female physician in ancient and medieval world o Pyel-  Renal pelvis Collecting "bowl" for urine in the kidney (pelvis)   Pyelos [Grk] bowl  Pelvis [ltn] bowl  Skeletal structure: bowl-like in shape, hold organs in area o Cyst-, vesic-  Sac, cyst, bladder  Not limited to urinary system  Must call it bladder if calling the urinary system o Related terminations:  -uria  Condition of the urine  Adjectival roots used with this  Urine with sugar  Not: sugar urination  Urination  Ex. Phenylketoneuria  [Substance root]-uria:  Refers to presence of substance  The presence of X in the urine  Pyuria - presence of pus in the urine  a-[substance root]-uria: absence of X in the urine  Apyuria - absence of pus in the urine Lecture 13 Notes 12W CLST 301  Anatomical roots - endocrine and lymphatic system  Aden- o Gland, lymph node  Adren- o Adrenal gland o Ad-renal: near the kidney  Hormon- o Hormone o Hormao [grk] to set in motion  Talk again about 4 humors o Bile (choler), blood, phlegm all exist in body o Black bile doesn't exist in body o Was also highly confused about function of the spleen  Assigned to spleen- creation of black bile  Spleen o Splen- [grk] o Lien- [ltn] o Source of black bile o Black bile  Melan-cholia  Resembles melancholy  Used to talk about physiology, nature, time of life, character types based upon humors  Theory of character types based on humors (english) o Black bile: melancholic o Will be posted later o Blood: sanguine  Opposite of depressed  cheerful o Bile (choler): choleric  Easily aroused to anger o Phlegm: phlegmatic  Not easily angered o Happy and sad faces  Substance roots  Poison o Tox-, toxic-, toxon- [Grk] o Ven-*, venen-, venom- [ltn]  Related terminations o -toxin  Substance poisonous to X (=organ/tissue)  Neurotoxin: substance poisonous to the nerves o Root is not an organ or tissue (plant/animal)  Poisonous substance present in X (=plant/animal)  Arachnotoxin: poisonous substance present in spiders o Look at root to decide which definition to give with termination o Anti-X-toxin  Agent used to oppose the substance poisonous to X (=organ, tissue0 Lecture 13 Notes 12W CLST 301  Antineurotoxin  Agent used to oppose a substance poisonous to nerves  Agent used to oppose th poisonous substance present in X (= plant/animal)  Antiarachnotoxin  Agent used to oppose a poisonous substance in spiders  Misc. Roots  Aeti-, eti- o Cause o Etiology, aetiology  "cause"  Not usually "the study of the cause" o Pronounced eetee-  Icter- o Jaundice  Yellowing of skin, nails, eyes  hepatitis o Ikteros [Grk] jaundice  The bird ikteros, Pliny the Elder said cure for jaundice was to stare at ikteros, then bird will die, and you'll be cured  Greco-Roman bird  Misc. Adjective Roots  Oxy- o Acute, swift, sharp, sour [Adjective] o Oxy [Grk] sharp  Sharp to tatse (sour), sharp to touch, soft in motion (swift), acute (beginning quickl
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