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Counselling Psychology
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CNPS 363
Yarrow Brenda Dyer

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CNPS 363 Lecture 1
What is a career? Definition
- Variety of occupational roles which individuals will undertake
- a career is “the variety of occupational roles which individuals will undertake
throughout life. It includes paid and self employment; the different occupations which a
person may have over the years and periods of unemployment; and unpaid occupations
such as that of student, voluntary worker, or parent.
- Vocations, occupations, and jobs
- A career is “the activities and positions involved in vocations, occupations, and jobs as
well as to related activities associated with an individual’s lifetime of work.
- Informs our social identity
- Career has to be reframed as a construct, an unfolding narrative, that gives coherence
laterally across the individual’s life in addition to the meaning it can give to the future.
This is in keeping with the centrality of work to people’s lives and its important role in
helping to give meaning to those lives.”
- Anchors our lives in purpose
- Reflects our values
- Is a dynamic process as opposed to a stable, permanent condition
General counseling
- Facilitating the exploration of client emotions regarding their career issues
- Facilitating the exploration of client identity
o Developmental life-span stages of identity formation
o Constructed in a matrix of family, culture, gender, economics, etc.
o Identity lies at the crux of career choices and development
o This exploration involves reflecting on the client’s history, his or her relational
and cultural context, and values
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