COMM 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Management Accounting, Marginal Cost, Fixed Cost

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Published on 18 Apr 2013
COMM 101
Offshore (Foregin production @ cheap price) vs Outsource (When somebody makes something for you)
Accounting Management vs Investing Accounting
Management Accounting Used for management Focus on Future Tabulation of Reports Somply
with the Rule Book (GAAP) Generally accepted accounting principles
Total Fixed Cost / Profit per unit
Is this a tool a financial accounting tool or a mangement accounting tool?
Implications: Jaguar is adding a night shift
A relevant cost is a cost that changes between alternatives
When is a fixed cost relevant to a decision?
When should the only cost be considered as the marginal cost?
Getting the order right:
Mission: purpose
Vision: BHAG long time view
Objective or goals To acheieve vision
Strategies long term
Tactics short tem
Levels of strategy
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