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University of British Columbia
COMM 101
Jeff Kroeker

October 23, 2012 CLASS 14 – PEOPLE, CULTURE, TEAMS Guest speaker: Danielle van Jaarsveld • Connecting Organizational Culture and Human Resource Management • Discuss Zappos Case • Share insights about working conditions in call centers • How can firms affectively serve customers? • Millions of different style, size, colour • Like Amazon for books • 9 years, selling $1 billion of shoes • Headquarters in Vegas, best company culture, family-like atmosphere • Employees love to work, customers like business, 100% medical and dental benefits • Call center, employees talk directly to customers • Offer money to quit • Keep customers and employees motivated - Offer them incentive compensation What is organizational culture? • Company’s practice, value that affects interaction of employees and performance • The personality of the company, ‘lifestyle’ • Shared values, similar behavioural patterns Human Resource Management • Lifecycle of an employee’s relationship with a firm form hiring to the employee leaving • Scope: Hiring, compensation, training, staffing, performance management • Influence of legal context firm is operating in • Specific hiring process, pay people to leave (filter), team spirit, loyalty, open communication, play hard, work hard Call centres • High levels of job stress, emotional burnout and job dissatisfaction • Employees withdraw o Absenteeism o Turnover • E.g. Dell Angry Customer o Employee - following protocol, systematic, ill-trained, unable to adapt, sticking to script o Frustrated, ‘passionate’ customers How does Zappos ensure its employe
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