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Chp 6 Groups and TeamworkGroupTwo or more people with a common relationship o Do not necessarily engage in collective work that requires interdependent effort TeamA small number of people who work closely together toward a common objective and are accountable to one another Organizations focus on effectiveness and efficiency and find teams a good way to mange talent o Teams are more flexible and responsive to change o Teams have capability to quickly assemble deploy refocus and disbandTypes of Teams October1011 448 PM Four most common kinds of teams 1ProblemSolving Teams ProblemSolving ProcessImprovement TeamA group of 5 to 12 employees from the same department who meet for a few hours each week to discuss ways of improving quality efficiency and the work environment o Are also planning teams task forces or committees o Members share ideas on how to improve work processes and methods 2SelfManaged Teams SelfManaged SelfDirected TeamA group of 10 to 15 employees who take on many of the responsibilities of their former managers o Planning scheduling of work assigning tasks collectively controlling pace of work making operating decisions taking action on problems o Selfmanaged teams often perform better than appointed leaders o Overall research on effectiveness has not been uniformly positive sometimes have higher absenteeism and turnover rates 3CrossFunctional Teams CrossFunctional Project TeamA group of employees at about the same hierarchical level but from different work areas who come together to accomplish a task o Each individual is expected to contribute knowledge of his or her field o Allows people from diverse areas to exchange information develop new ideas solve problems and coordinate projects o Early stages often timeconsuming as members learn to work with diversityTask ForceA temporary crossfunctional teamCommitteeA group composed of members from different departmentsSkunkworksCrossfunctional teams that develop spontaneously to create new products or work on complex problems o Typically found in high tech sector and allowed to work on new ideas in isolation
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