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COMM 292

Chp 10 Organizational CultureWhat Is Organizational CultureOrganizational CultureThe pattern of shared values beliefs and assumptions considered to be the appropriate way to think and act within an organization Key features of culture 1 Culture is shared by members of the organization 2 Culture helps members solve and understand things that they encounter both internally and externally 3 Assumptions beliefs and expectations that make up culture have worked over time so members feel it is valid 4 It strongly influences how people perceive think feel and behave within organization Levels of Culture ArtifactsAspects of an organizations culture that you see hear and feel o Very visible BeliefsThe understandings of how objects and ideas relate to each other ValuesThe stable longlasting beliefs about what is important AssumptionsThe takenforgranted notions of how something should be Characteristics of Culture Seven primary characteristics Innovation and risktaking Degree of encouragement to be innovative and take risks Attention to detail Degree of precision analysis and attention to detail Outcome orientation Degree to which focus is on results rather than process People Orientation Degree of consideration of effects of outcomes on people Team Orientation Degree to which activities are in teams or individualbased Aggressiveness Degree of competitiveness rather than supportiveness Stability Degree of emphasis on maintaining status quo in contrast to growth
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