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Chp 11 LeadershipLeadership as SupervisionThree General Types of Theories 1Trait Theories of LeadershipTheories that propose traitspersonality social physical or intellectualdifferentiate leaders from nonleadersPeter PrincipleWhen people are promoted into one job based on how well they did another that assumes that the skills of one role are the same as the otherMost traits that emerged as leadership traits under Big Five Personality ModelExtraversion related to leader emergenceConscientiousness and openness to experience also relatedTraits can predictleadershipTraits do a better job at predicting emergence of leaders than distinguishing between effective and ineffective leadersEI may allow leader to be more effective as they show more empathy1Behavioural Theories of LeadershipTheories that propose that specific behaviours differentiate leaders from nonleaders Ohio State StudiesInitiating StructureThe extent to which a leader is likely to define and structure his or her role and the roles of employees in order to attain goalsConsiderationThe extent to which a leader is likely to have job relationships characterized by mutual trust respect for employees ideas and regard for their feelings Michigan StudiesProductionOriented LeaderA leader who emphasizes the technical or task aspects of the jobWhen subordinates experience pressure from unclear tasks or deadlines when theres clarity on how to perform tasks and what goals areEmployeeOriented LeaderA leader who emphasizes interpersonal relationsWhen task is interesting when people dont know what to do or lack knowledge
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