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PART 2 STRIVING FOR PERFORMANCEChapter 6 Groups and TeamworkTEAMS VS GROUPSgroup2 or more ppl w a common relationshipteamsmallof ppl who work closely together toward a common objectiveare accountable to one anotherGroups become teams whenTeam members share leadershipIndividualsthe team as a whole share accountability for teams workTeam develops its own purposemissionTeam works on problemsolving continuously NOT justscheduled meeting timesTeams measure of effectiveness is teams outcomesgoals NOT individualsWHY HAVE TEAMS BECOME SO POPULARuse of teams creates potential for organization to generate greater outputs w no inc in inputsteams typically outperform individuals when tasks being done require multiple skills judgment expteams more flexible and responsive to changing eventsteams can quickly assemble deploy focus disbandgreater task identityTYPES OF TEAMSProblemSolving group of 512 employees members share ideas offer suggestions on how to Teamsfrom same department improve work processesmethodswho meet for a few processrarely given authority to implement their suggestionshrsweek to discuss ways improvement of improving quality Quality Circlework group of 810 employeesmanagers efficiency work teamwho meet regularly to discuss their quality problems environmentinvestigate causes of problems recommend solutions take corrective actionsgenerateevaluate their own feedbackie planning teams task teaching employees group communication skills quality forces committees strategies measurementproblem analysis techniquesorganized to get tasks tend to show little no effect on employee satisfcndonesometimes ve results on productivity PART 2 STRIVING FOR PERFORMANCESelfManaged group of 1015 external managerial positions take on dec importance or Teamsemployees who take on even eliminated bc can block high performancemany of responsibilities of selfdirected sometimes viewed vely by workers who fear that inc their former managersteamsuse of teams will lead to layoffsve effect on productivityplanschedule work NO significant impact on job satisfaction organizational assign tasks to members commitment absenteeismturnovercollectively control pace of may not work well in all cultures eg Mexico respect work make operating hierarchical authoritydecisions take action on problemsCrossFunctional group of employeeseach individual expected to contribute knowledge of his Teamsabout same hierarchical fieldlevel but from diff work project teamstimeconsuming members need to learn to work w areas who come together diversitycomplexityto accomplish a tasktask forcetemporary crossfunctional teamcommitteegroup composed of members from different departmentsSkunkworkcrossfunctional team that develop spontaneously to create new products or work on complex problemsusually found in hightech sector sheltered from other org memberswork on new ideas in isolation wo being watched over during creative stages ignore structurebureaucratic rules of org while they workVirtual Teamsteam that uses computer for work thats knowledgebasedtech to tie together allow ppl from diff time zones to work togetherphysically dispersed limited social contact of team membersmembers to achieve a common goalabsence of paraverbal voice tone inflection voice volume nonverbal eye movement facial expression body lang cues in communications which inc meaningmore at risk of misunderstandingtrustbuilding not the same as facetoface teamsHow to Improve the Way the Team Functions make sure team addresses feelings of isolation team members have mix of interpersonaltechnical skills carefully give evaluationsprovide recognition feedback
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