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University of British Columbia
COMM 296
Mary Swaffield

The Scope and Nature of Personal Selling Personal selling is a two-way communication between a buyer or buyers and a seller that is designed to influence the buyer into purchasing a product  Personal Selling as a Career o Lifestyle o Variety of the job o Lucrative career o Sales people at the front line of firm and visible to management, thus higher chance for being raised in the organization  The Value Added by Personal Selling o Educating and providing advice o Saving consumer time  Never be allowed to take over, only advise o Helping build long term relationships  Relationship selling is a philosophy that emphasizes a commitment to maintaining a long term relationship over the long term and investing in opportunities that are mutually beneficial to both the parties The Personal Selling Process  Step 1: Generate and Qualify Leads o Leads are a list of potential customers, who must be assessed on their potential, which means to qualify leads  This can be done through research online, talking to existing customers, trade shows, which is a forum for finding consumers  Cold calls, which are a method of prospecting in which sales people call or meet potential cus
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