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University of British Columbia
COMM 394
Tony Boardman

Gerrymandering - practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts Politicians and Responsibility - Goals? To do what is best for society, to take junkets overseas, to have power and prestige, to be wealthy o Primary goal: to be re-elected o Consequently… support policies that majority of people are supporting, spending money on campaigns, high discount rate (engage in projects that have short benefits)  E.g. reforestation (lots of money now, but benefits won’t rise till 70 years later) - Iclicker: 50 richest members of Congress have wealth of $1.6 billion; China’s People’s Congress – 50 richest has wealth of $95 billion. - GOVERNMENT - Not just single entity Assistant Deputy Minister - Point of contact to influence government - Deputy Minister - Direct bureaucracy What do Bureaucrats Want? - Power and prestige - Salaries, benefits, other perks (e.g. carpets, etc) - Shirk (avoid duty or responsibility)… lead “the quiet life” - Tenure (not going to be fired) Similar to business executives, there may e a principal-agent problem: - Principal: the Minister - Why might it be worse? Than in private sector? o Bureaucrats stay even if government changes o Not same measure of success (firms – make profit), but in government – not really clear o Affects everybody has stake, the public  Shareholders – achieve profit or you’re out; incentive to be involved  Here, free-riding problem may be worse Consequently they may: - Maximize their agency’s budget - Maximize slack - Unreasonably swayed by pressure groups Niskanen……………… Monopoly - Total benefit at Qc = total area under demand curve - Niskanen – politician “knows” Qc, but cannot observe MC. o Bureaucrat knows MC o Asks for (almost all of) ACQc0, then provides Qc. o This maximizes slack = ACPc Insights: bureaucracies - Have “market power” (even if output not priced) - Maximize slack = ACQc0 – PcCQc0: end up taking more of the consumer surplus than a private-sector monopolist - They get the slack: High salaries, perks, inefficiency, etc - Then what happens? o Cost will rise, x-inefficiency - Deciding whether or not government pays for drugs o Both cases, voted YES o But those with financial ties to industry – voted for (9:1) o On panel, but may be paid to vote, like working on another drug - Focusing on C – transfer - Transf
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