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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
Brett Gilley

EOSC 114-202 January 4, 2013 Learning Goals  Define force  Explain how force of gravity affects motion and energy  List 5 types of energy important to disasters and describe what causes them to vary  Explain how disasters are associated with concentration of energy  Explain how energy conservation applies to natural disasters  Explain why disaster scales are based on the order-of-Magnitude concept and interpret graphs with logarithmic scales Disasters and Energy  Energy causes things to move or change  Disasters release immense energy, which cause catastrophic changes  These changes are related to force, work, power, pressure, stress and others Forces  A force (F) pushes or pulls  The SI unit is the Newton (N), which is equal to ⁄  How big is a Newton? o 15km/h breeze pushes with 1N force o the weight of Mt. Baker on the Earth’s crust is about N Gravity  A force that attracts matter (ie masses) to each other  Objects of mass m near the Ear
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