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Earth and Ocean Sciences
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Leah May Ver

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Impacts from Space and Mass Extinction Events Lesson 1 Extinctions The Great Dyings A The Earths Changing Biosphere o Examine the concept of mass extinction their frequency and possible causesEarth has experienced crisis where many species go into extinction Mass extinction is a crisis that affects life across the planet All life on earth is part of the biosphere a thin layer of life that exists on the surface of the planet and interacts with the hydrosphere atmosphere and lithosphere The biosphere has evolved through time and consists of millions of species o These species evolve or go into extinction as the biosphere evolvesB Biostratigraphy Two important concepts in the interpretation of geological record and the ancient biosphere as preserved as fossilso The Principle of superposition Fundamental principle of stratigraphy which is the study of rock layers Rock layer at the bottom will be the oldest and the layer at the top is the youngesto Principle of Faunal Succession Biostratigraphy is the science of using appearance and disappearance of fossils to subdivide geological timeThe idea that older forms of life are replaced as new forms develop C The Geological Time Scale James Ussher estimated the planet Earth to be about 6000 years old by adding up all the dates mentioned in the bible The idea of creatures going extinct was to suggest the gods creation was incomplete Over time geologists and paleontologists started to construct the geological time scale to represent the different and evolving character of Earth through time and fossils were used to correlate between different regions and characterized periods of the Planet Earths history Earths 46 billion years is divided into various time periods as followso Precambrian and Phanerozoic are the Eonso The Eras are the Archean Proterozoic Paleozoic Mesozoic and Cenozoico The periods are divided from Cambrian to Neogeneo The first to eras are for Precambrian Eras are broad subdivisions which represent a grouping of geological periods and represent times where there has been a major change in the Earths Biosphere
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