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University of British Columbia
Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114

EOSC114 - Landslides 4 MITIGATION AVOIDANCE: move to a different area, avoid problem Hazard mapping Modeling PREVENTION: do something to make sure events don’t occur Removal (simple, can get super $$$) Stabilizing slopes (increase resisting forces by adding resisting forces – blocks - at toe of landslide) Anchors (perpendicular to slope, screwed into stable rocks below, tightened w/nuts at surface) Drainage (controlling water in a slope is paramount – pipes in structure) Braided circle wires (one time use, pretty strong) PROTECTION: armour or strengthen the area that might be affected Barriers and Netting (let’s the fall occur and controls the distance and direction of travel) DEBRIS FLOW PROTECTION: Separate water and debris by removing debris from the flow with barriers allowing for drainage Prevent more debris from being entrained (concrete lined channel) Decrease flow’s velocity and erosive capabilities (boulder-embedded channel) Landslide engineering options ENGINEERING DESCRIPTION EFFECTIVE AGAINST RELATIVE OPTION COST Removal of Literally removing the slope Most landslides. High to Hery material material. Cost increases with However, in most cases High to slope size. the size of the slope will Prohibitively make removal High impossible. Debris Retention Large structure looks similar to a Debris flows Very High Structure dam but designed to catch debris and let water through Rock Fall Engineered fences made out of Medium to large rock falls Moderate to Catchment woven steel cables and loops. High Fences Distributes stresses. Rock Bolts/ Large bolts drilled deep (~25m) Moderately to large Moderate to Anchors into the rock
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