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ENGL 100
Leslie Arnovick

May 13, 2013 Sentence Fragments 3 things needed for a complete sentence  Subject  Verb  Expresses a complete idea Ex. The party members are gathering in the campaign office.  Subject: “members”  “gathering” is not considered a verb because it is describing the party members Ex. We won  Subject : “we”  Verb: “won”  Expresses a complete idea Summarizing  to get to the main points  we do summarizing every day o responding to “how was your day” o reading articles Summary Writing Key Aspects 1. Brevity  Condensing information to summarize 2. Clarity  Simplify things from information  Make clear sentences and explanation 3. Objectivity  Summary does not include any stance o No interpretations o No judgements 4. Accuracy  Not bring any outside material o Sticking to the material we are focusing on Summary Writing Process 1. Make sure you fully understand the piece  Where active reading comes handy 2. Note for gist  Make notes for main points  Avoid full sentences o Take notes in sentence fragments  Do
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