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Refutation and Subject verb agreements.docx

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ENGL 100
Leslie Arnovick

June 17, 2013 Topic Sentence  * not always the first sentence*  Can be more than one sentence What makes a good Topic Sentence  Introduces the topic  Makes a point about the topic o Suggests how the paragraph will develop the point  Pattern of development  Makes your point clear  Narrow enough to be discussed in a single paragraph  Provides transition  Plays off of the key terms in the thesis Patterns of Essay Development  Narration o Telling a story  Often personal  Definition o For an abstract idea  Exemplification o Use of examples  To build on ideas and/ or arguments  Quotation or Paraphrase o The use of someone’s ideas to build off your ideas  Comparison  Process o Step by step o Direction  Description o Where explanation and description of ideas occur Refutation 1. Argument  Probably thesis statement 2. Counterargument  Anticipating for the reader and or enemy’s r
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