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ENGL 100
Leslie Arnovick

May 21, 2013 Thesis Statements  Defines the specific topic  Makes a strong point  *must relate to actual essay* Thesis Statement Myths  Needs to be only one sentence  Needs to be the last sentence of the introduction paragraph  Needs to be in a “list” format Run On Sentences  A sentence that keeps going and going and going  Usually leaves a reader breathless o If read out loud Type of Run on Sentences  Fused sentences  Comma splices o Joining two complete sentences by a comma Ex. I studied English in University, I am an English teacher.  Problem: comma splice  To fix: o put a period  “I studied English in University. I am an English teacher.” o Use a semi colon  “I studied English in University; I am an English teacher” o Use a conjunction “,and”  “I studied English in University, and I am an English teacher” o Use a subordinate clause “because”  “I am an English teacher because I studied English in University.” Semi-Colons “ ; ”  Consists of a period on top and a comma at the bottom o Period  to stop o Comma  to make connections  to keep going 
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