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ENGL 100
Leslie Arnovick

June 24, 2013 Intro Paragraphs  Identifies the subject o Explains content  Provides a hook or “Attention-getter” o Spells out significance of the subject  What will the reader(s) get out of it? o Quotation o Startling surprise  Tells them something they don’t know o Fact  Asks a question  Begin with a generalization o But not too general  Challenge a common opinion  Begin with a definition  Personal or interesting anode  Explain (your or a gender) deficit of knowledge  Make a claim to knowledge o Personal o general  Statement of methodology o To get from point A to point B  *provide a thesis statement* Conclusion Paragraph  Recap our knowledge claims o Do NOT copy and paste intro and rephrase the words though o Rewrite  Memorable statements or sense of conclusion o Ends with a quotation o Offer a solution to a problem you discussed o End with rhetorical question  Not an answerable question  To prove a point o Provide an explanation of the significance of your thesis  Why did the reader read the essay? o Make a connection to a statement made in your intro  Ex. Refer back to :  Quotations  A shocking statement o Make a prediction, call to action or suggestion for change  Prompt your reader to do something o Suggest opportunities for furt
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