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University of British Columbia
ENGL 100
Leslie Arnovick

July 10, 2013 In-text Citation  Citations that show up in the body of the essay o Ex. “*Students should study at home for five hours” (Smith 7).  Format: “*quotation*” (*last name* *page number*)*period*  Punctuation comes at the end  Except if there is a significant punctuation (“!” “?”) of the quotation o Ex. “Students should study at home for five hours!” (Smith 7).  Still needs a period at the end of the “( )”  If we write the author’s name in the sentence, there is no need to place their name in ( )  ( ) would only have the page number in it o Ex. Smith says that “students should study at home for five hours” (7).  No author, no page number  use website’s title Indirect quotation  When you are using a quotation that came from another source o Best to quote from original source  Ex. “There is a wide range of competition in the retail industry” (Lee qtd. In Smith 23)  Means smith quoted Lee  “Lee qtd in Smith” means Lees words that were quoted in Smiths article  2 author citation : (Smith and Lee 7).  3 authors citation: (Smith, Lee and Bakes 7)
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