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Lecture 10

ENGL 110 Lecture 10: In the Cage - Telegraphist

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 110
Mary Chapman

Vocab of telegraphy (p119-20) - Sacred pause - Keeping its finger on the pulse - Rhythm of the larger life - Intense publicity - Wonderful nerves…sudden flickers of antipathy and sympathy, red gleams…fitful awakings and followings - Sounding this allusion - Dilating on - Flashes, quick revivals Mrs. Jordan foil for the girl - Both are “in and out of” people’s lies (p120) - First time the girl is outside of her job in a grocery store - “You’ve no imagination, my dear” (p120) first time speech is quoted directly in the novella o Interrupting, and challenging what the girl believes about herself - Mrs. Jordan’s incorrect; the girl does have imagination - James wonders if imagination is dangerous? It lets girl escape her dreary life but also sets up unrealistic expectations about her future - Major misunderstanding the girl has: o She thinks that Mrs. Jordan is aiming to marry one of the wealthy, single bachelors Narrator’s tone - - is he mocking telegraphist for reading trashy novels and imagining the society folks she encounters as players in a romance - or is she an excellent perceiver and able to “write” a story about them Euphemism: “indirect word or expression substitute for word considered too harsh or blunt” - Mrs. Jordan: “I DO flowers, you know” “I dare say it’s some of your people that I do!” (
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