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Summarizing - High & Low Country

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ENGL 112
Kim Trainor

01-14-2013 B. Low Country  “Flat” – few or no abstractions  Summarizer has to construct the abstractions o Could be risky o Indicates your own position (as seen by the abstractions you choose)  From Maher Arar reading: Possible interpretations/abstractions o Intimidations o Security protections In Class Exercise: Page 94 – Come up with your own abstractions o Paranoia o Fear o Desperation o Isolation o Mae, a 68 year old Australian born woman, relieves the grief she feels from her husband’s death by obsessing over televised crime which pushes her to live her life in paranoia and insecurity. o Kim’s: Mae, a 68 year old widow living in isolation, demonstrates signs of irrational fear and possibly paranoia as a result of reading accounts of home invasion. C. High Country  Consist largely of abstraction  The “lower levels” are “empty” – no examples/details  Summarizer has to fill in the lower levels o Think up examples – test your knowledge of the passage  Make clear that it is your own example o Could be risky – shows the reader (of your summary) how well you understand the passage o Demonstrating your own knowledge of the passage o Could end up just as long as original passage In Class Exercise: Page 90 – Come up with your own examples o Trustworthiness  Individuals – because of the existing relationship that’s there  Friends  Family members  Credentials – through their actions that they build their trust o Abstractions that the author give:  Disembedding mechanisms  Abstract systems – justice system, monetary system, healthcare  Lay actors – judge, lawyers, policemen  Access points – meetings with lay actors  Face-work and faceless commitments – everyday transactions, lay persons act indifferent to each person  Modern institutions – court, prison, law firms  Expert systems 01-16-2013 D. Narrative (Story)  Non-fiction (real)  Maher Arar, Mohammed Maddy (from Course Package)  Events arranged chronologically  Consists of low-level details (few abstractions)  so you have to build higher levels Exercise: Either article from the course package o Make list of abstractions (ex. intimidation) o Choose 3 or 4 abstractions – select details why those 3 or 4 were chosen o Write a 2-3 sentence summary of the narrative  Introductory frame (name, title, date)  Reporting expressions  Few lower level details – use parenthetical citation ex. (8)  page number
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