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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112
Kim Trainor

Take-home Summary Overview 01-28-2013 Orientalism and ‘Saving’ the US State Identity after 9/11  Orientalism – main abstraction  US State identity – research site  „Saving‟ – questioning if the US State Identity is actually being saved  U.S. State Identity  analyzing attempts to save US identity = stronger?  Read ABSTRACT  author‟s own summary of her article Pay attention to the HEADINGS  Introduction  Theoretical Framework o Orientalism – from theorist Edward Said  Working on ancient Egypt and develops this concept of orientalist (page 44)  Systematic attempt to create the categories of the ‘West’ (rational, developed, humane, superior) and the ‘Orient’ (aberrant, underdeveloped, inferior) – “This is how some people have set it up”  Idea of self (west) and other (orient)  Orientalism in the context of 9/11 and under the Bush administration o Hypermasculinity  Exaggerated masculine response of perceived threat (applied to the State, not the individual)  Overseas  military violence in Afghanistan and Iraq o Four Kinds of Racialized and Gendered Violence  Infantilization – page 48  Demonization and dehumanization  Sub human evil and less than human rights – violated animals (respectively)  Sexual Commodification – page 54 Structure  The Theoretical Framework – main claim o Some abstractions o 1 sentence  Orientalism & Hypermasculinity o 2-3 sentences  Kinds of racialized and gendered violence o 3-4 sentences o dehumanization and demonization o sexual commodification o Infantilization o Choose one to use as an example  Conclusion: Nayak‟s o Moral call to action o Call for research o 1 sentence
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