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ENGL 112
Kim Trainor

In-Class Notes 02-04-2013 Orchestration  Creating a conversation between academic writers  Make connections – agreements or disagreements  “Sitting down at a table”  your paper  Trying to establish state of knowledge – what is known about a subject o Usually in the introduction (not research proposal) of your paper Non-Scholarly Voices  “Popular”  “Special arrangements”  No official accreditation, no PhD  Like in Anselment article – primary sources, diaries, letters, 1 hand accounts  Ex. Page 122 – Iron Age societies – feasting techniques o Classical historians – Herodotus  Has to explain why she’s using him because he’s not an academic  Caveats/warnings – “it’s possible that some of these stories are fictional”; that there’s some hyperbole or transferring (using the stories and characteristics of one group and applying it to another)  Despite these potential pitfalls or shortcomings, … o West Coast First Nation Societies  Looked at anthropologists’ work  Some similarities and differences between both accounts  Little or no citation  Few qualifications (modality)  Few abstractions Popular Sources o Unorthodox o Textbook – specialist writing for non-specialist  Readers: not-knowing  No construction of knowledge, just summarizing state of knowledge  No invitation to participate  Contextualization: Why are you using this information from the book? How is it relevant to your paper? Remind your reader who the source is.  Then U.S. President, George W. Bush, …  The U.S. newspaper, The New York Times, … o Magazines, Newspapers  may become your Research Site o Internet sourc
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