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ENGL 112: March 13, 2013

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112
Peter Mahon

ENGL 112: Strategies in University Writing March 13, 2013  Parents, school teachers and administrators are a part of the overall problem o They have to take responsibility for not wanting to engage and talk about the problems  Everyone that is involved in the problem should get together share ideas and concepts o Has to be a system wide approach, instead of focusing on individuals  **Important to highlight sources that have been frequently used**  Take an ecological approach o Teachers in schools with a high level of bullying issues often did not have guidelines to deal with bullying  Schools should try to get the bully's to take responsibility for their actions Summary:  Boys were more involved than girls  Many teachers are parents were unaware of individuals responsible for bullying  Ecological approach is the best to be taken Pretty Women  Page 609  **Distinction between pleasurable purpose for individuals o Fairy tales serve a pleasurable purpose, but academically, there is a cultural purpose  What purpose is there served in particular cultures?  Hollywood is a place where fair tales are recycled (told and retold) o May have different characters and similar plots  Each society, and each point in time, where the tale is told, changes it o Story is modified depending on which country and what time the story is told o 700 versions of Cinderella  Cinderella is well over a thousand years old, move to language to language and location to location  Most popular versions in USA, is the version th
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