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ENGL 112: March 18, 2013

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ENGL 112
Peter Mahon

ENGL 112: Strategies in University Writing March 18, 2013 Presentation:  Approximately 4 minutes  Prepare and time yourself  Do not just read out your essay 1. Thesis statement (background if you want) 2. Sources (key definitions? Most used?) 3. Major points (what are they? Present them as a presentation, not just reading them out) a. Speak and engage your audience 4. Conclusion (what is the conclusion to the research?) Wednesday: two full copies Friday: submitted final hard copy Friday  Cinderella as a movie, may be more enlightened than pretty women  Equality in Cinderella unlike in pretty women o Even the mice in Cinderella portray inequality  Looking at the movie as a whole, all the high power jobs are occupied by men o In both movies, male have more power and are the rescuers  In Cinderella there are powerful women figures  Kelly can't get around that the fairy godmother is the most powerful figure in the story and she is female o Fairy godmother is portrayed in a trivialized, portrayed in a silly way, even though she is the most powerful  Are all feisty personalities  Women who behave in a particular way, even if they don’t behave in a stereotypical way, they are portrayed in a stereotypical way  All the male characters help Vivian out  Cinderella may actually have more of a feminist message than pretty women
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